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Florage is a farming co-op specializing in providing locally grown fresh cut flowers to florists and customers. Located in Northern Utah’s scenic Cache Valley, Lindy Bankhead of Paisley Flower Farm and Ali Harrison of Paradise Valley Orchard have created a unique flower farming collaborative as unique as the mountains that surround it. We are committed to using sustainable organic methods to lessen our footprint on the earth. No refrigerated trucking, chemicals or preservative sprays are used in bringing our gorgeous blooms straight from our gardens to your table.


be inspired.

tell your story with flowers


You are not conventional. You are a wild, free spirit. You have a story to tell. Whether you are a florist, a soon-to-be bride, or have a passion for all things naturally beautiful, our flowers will inspire you. You deserve vibrant blooms that reflect your inner strength and creativity. Tell your story with Florage flowers.

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footprints tell our story…


Kids and dirt. Inseparable. Watching children play barefoot in a damp garden, squishing little toes in the mud, leaving chubby footprints in between rows is a satisfying experience. It’s even more satisfying when there is no need to worry about kids or animals inhaling or ingesting toxic chemicals as they romp through the plants.

That’s exactly what makes Lindy Bankhead of Paisley Flower Farm passionate about growing flowers and vegetables as organically as possible. Lindy feels blessed to not only be able to raise her four young children alongside the flowers, but to also deliver freshly-cut stems to local florists and customers—people who value the high quality and sustainability of the vibrant blooms.

At Paradise Valley Orchard, bringing natural beauty and art into the lives of clients fuels Ali Harrison’s flower passion. Her mid-century apple orchard and small farm serve as a backdrop for the weddings and events she hosts with her husband, Lorin. Ali believes the style and balance she achieves in her floral projects is nurtured by the idyllic setting she works in each day.

Now contrast that image of local flower farms with a global floral industry. Think about the fuel, refrigeration, chemicals and preservatives it took to ship those flowers from across the world. You can read all about the footprint of imported flowers here and here.

The local flower movement has been steadily gaining momentum. We are thrilled and proud to be a part of it. Locally grown flowers are more fragrant, diverse, and long-lasting than commercial varieties and are available within days—sometimes even hours—after cutting. Our florists know that local is better.

So, let’s take a barefoot walk together and leave our own unique set of footprints…


Lindy Bankhead Paisley Flower Farm

Equipped with a degree in in Landscape Architecture from USU, a Master Gardener Certification, and years of experience working at local greenhouses and nurseries, Lindy began growing flowers on her gorgeous property in 2012. With the help of her patient husband and family, she’s transformed their 100-year old farm into a thriving cut flower operation.


Ali Harrison Paradise Valley Orchard

As an artist and self-proclaimed hippie, Ali uses her creativity on the farm daily. Along with her husband Lorin, she maintains a custom approach to growing flowers, and her eye for color and attention to detail graces all the bouquets and arrangements she designs. Finding solace in getting her hands dirty, Ali sees the farm as her canvas and the garden her palette.